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Lean Management at Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)

DNREC Dives-in to Lean Management

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is transforming itself into a lean, agile and responsive agency. The department has begun a strategic initiative to build lean management principles into its everyday practices and culture. It will improve service to its customers by streamlining its permitting, licensing, scientific and administrative processes. It will do so by working closely with stakeholders and supporting and engaging staff at every level of the agency.

Pictures from the Parks Visitor Center 5S+ Kaizen Event

DNREC has established a contract with a group of ten lean management experts to help expand and deepen its culture of continuous improvement. They will serve as coaches and facilitators to help staff align, standardize, and improve work practices. They will help review agency processes, plan improvements, and manage organizational change. This effort will include input from the regulated community, environmental groups and local governments. And the services of the lean management experts will be available to all state agencies, schools, municipalities and other government organizations in the state.

DNREC laid the groundwork for this effort with a series of process improvement projects that have cut permitting and regulatory response times in several programs over the last few years. That effort now expands department-wide. A new internal newsletter is helping to educate staff about continuous improvement and lean management. Staff are building competencies in Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management. DNREC and DTI are working together to modernize information technology tools and build a new document management system. And DNREC is building a new, modern and responsive web site focused on the needs of site users.

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