Government Efficiency and
Accountability Review Board

About GEAR

The Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR) was established in 2017, under Executive Order #4, to develop recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of State government. GEAR is driving the broad adoption of standard business process management, the use of metrics to guide resource allocation decisions, and the implementation of a culture of continuous process improvement.

The Executive Order directs the GEAR Board to issue to the Governor an annual report, no later than December 1st of each year.  Each annual report contains recommendations that may be included in the Governor’s Recommended Budget.  The annual reports are available online.

Overall, the Board supports the strategic endeavors of the following organizations within GEAR and guides the activities within the continuous improvement cycle noted below:

  • GEAR Program Management Team
  • GEAR Public/Private Partnership (P3) Task Force
  • Enterprise Services Delivery Team
  • GEAR Field Team
  • EdGEAR

List of continuous improvement activities outlined in a cycle under GEAR.

GEAR is:

  • Expanding development of continuous improvement professionals throughout State government. Eighty-three practitioners from 16 State organizations are executing projects within a portfolio of 140 initiatives. Savings to the State are estimated to total $76-80 million over the life of projects underway.
  • Achieving savings and improvements for taxpayers through restructuring leases, improving data analysis of school district enrollment projections, minimizing the debt burden for ex-offenders, modernizing the client experience at state service centers, growing the Delaware Communities of Excellence to produce a statewide literacy ecosystem, revamping unemployment insurance processes and systems, enhancing financing options for farmers, optimizing long-term care delivery, along with streamlining financial, human resource, and information technology systems.
  • Continuing the GEAR P3 Innovation and Efficiency and Trailblazer Award programs that reward State employees who demonstrate successful implementations of innovative, cost saving, and service enhancing projects.
  • Reviewing capital project processes within public school systems through the EdGEAR (Education-GEAR) team.
  • Recognizing GEAR’s accomplishments through inclusion in Results for America’s – 2023 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence, a nationally recognized state benchmarking program.

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