Government Efficiency and
Accountability Review Board

About GEAR

The Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR) is established to develop recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of State government. GEAR is driving the broad adoption of standard strategic planning processes, the use of metrics to guide resource allocation decisions, and the implementation of a culture of continuous process improvement.

GEAR is:

  • Developing ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government processes and programs statewide.
  • Driving potential cost savings resulting from shared services which span State agencies and the public education system. Opportunities include sharing human resource management, information technology, and accounting and financial management services.
  • Identifying quality improvement initiatives currently existing within State government and recommending ways these initiatives can work together to establish formal continuous improvement programs.
  • Seeking to explore and expand partnerships with the private sector. Currently, working with the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the Delaware Quality Partnership, and the State‚Äôs higher education network.
  • Recommending changes to the Delaware Government Accountability Act that will better drive strategic planning, develop meaningful performance metrics, and foster more effective monitoring of performance and the allocation of resources in the budget process.
  • Identifying changes to the State personnel system that will improve the recruitment, development and retention of State employees and fostering a broad culture of continuous improvement.

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