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Focusing on Partnerships


The Facts: The State will explore the potential benefits of forming select Public/Private Partnerships (P3) with the private sector

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The intent is to find opportunities to leverage the expertise, leadership support, and resources that will accelerate the State’s efforts to improve the health and financial well-being of Delaware’s citizens.

The Problem

It is an increasingly difficult challenge for the State of Delaware to provide services to its citizens within the constraints of the annual budget. The expertise required to advance some of the most pressing strategic and process improvement initiatives — such as economic development, creating an entrepreneurial economy, healthcare innovation and education reform — often does not reside within the public sector.


The GEAR P3 program will seek opportunities to form partnerships that advance critical State initiatives positively impacting the services provided to the citizens of Delaware. Opportunities areas may include affordable healthcare, building an entrepreneurial economy, K12 education transformation, driving continuous process improvement best practices State-wide, among others.

The team will identify State initiatives that are either resource or funding constrained, and seek to determine if a GEAR P3 approach can bring enough leverage to drive the initiatives forward. Focused task teams for each P3 opportunity will document a charter and 100-day action plan to build momentum. After the first 100 days, the team will review results and determine if longer term plans should be developed to drive the initiatives to conclusion. Ongoing initiatives will then either be fully operated by the State — and the specific task team disbanded — or an ongoing public/private partnership will be formed.

Examples of successful P3 partnerships include the Pathways to Prosperity on Education and the Delaware Prosperity Partnership.

  • The Pathways to Prosperity of Education has connected 7,000 Delaware public school students with companies in 14 different vocational pathways — including IT, Nursing, Advanced Manufacturing and Bio-Technology — to position them for a greater range of employment options and opportunities after graduating high school.
  • The Delaware Prosperity Partnership, a new P3 entity which has replaced the State’s Delaware Economic Development Organization (DEDO), is working to bring stronger private sector involvement and funding to the State.



The scope of P3 program will be limited to defining, benchmarking, documenting, and overseeing the execution of P3 partnerships that have been formed. The P3 team will ensure that there is full engagement from both the Delaware Business Roundtable and the Delaware State Chamber, as well as the Agencies, Executive Branch and Legislative branches of the State.


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