Government Efficiency and
Accountability Review Board

Board Members

The GEAR Board consists of the following members:
Photo of Director Cerron Cade smiling against the American and Delaware flags in the background.
Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Director Cerron Cade

Picture of the Secretary of Finance, Rick Geisenberger
Secretary of Finance
Secretary Rick Geisenberger

Photo of Greg Lane
Secretary of the Department of Technology and Information
Chief Information Officer Greg Lane

Photo of smiling Ruth Ann Jones wearing a dark blazer an white blouse
Controller General
Controller General Ruth Ann Miller

Treasurer Colleen Davis
State Treasurer
Treasurer Colleen Davis

Chief Justice Collin Seitz
Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court
Chief Justice Collin Seitz

Secretary Josette Manning, Esq.
Secretary of Health and Social Services
Secretary Josette D. Manning, Esq.

Secretary Mark Holodick
Secretary of Education
Secretary Dr. Mark Holodick

Picture of Mr. Ernie Dianastasis, CEO of The Precisionists Inc.
A representative from the Delaware business community appointed by the Governor
Mr. Ernie Dianastasis, CEO of The Precisionists Inc.

Picture of the AFSCME Executive Director, Mr. Michael Begatto
A representative from AFSCME appointed by the Governor
Mr. Michael Begatto, Executive Director

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