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The Facts: There is a need for centralization of human resources to address issues important to state employees.

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The Department of Human Resources was created by House Bill 4, to address issues important to state employees including: improving the delivery of human resources services, encouraging workplace diversity, ensuring uniform, fair and consistent policies, and enforcing policies. The implementation of these actions is reflected in the Governor’s Action Plan for Delaware. Moreover, the need for centralization of Human Resources is recommended in the IVY Planning Group’s Independent Study of Diversity and Inclusion Related Policies Procedures, and Organizational Structure.

The Department of Human Resources is committed to developing a unified approach to human resources administration, improving the effectiveness of operations, and transforming human resources to meet the strategic and tactical needs of State government. Achieving these goals will enhance the quality of services provided to State employees, to those who seek employment with the State, and to the citizens of Delaware through more efficient and effective government.



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